Have you ever considered having a grotto added to your pool area? They are picturesque, they add a zen-like feel to the area, and they are no longer only for the luxury resorts. They are now becoming more common in backyards. If you would love to have a waterfall grotto, we can see to it that you get one. We are Creating Ideas Construction & Landscape. We have landscaped many backyards around the areas of Newport Beach, CA, Tustin, La Jolla, and surrounding areas.

We have installed pools for those who want a resort feel in their yard. We have installed patio covers for those who don't take advantage of their patio space because it's just too hot and sunny out there. Patio covers lower the temperature by several degrees, giving you a comfortable place to dine and entertain. We've added pool slides to existing pools in order to make the pool even more fun.


We have designed and installed fire pits in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the design taste of our clients. We have also done away with work and stress that comes along with trying to keep up with the needs of a natural lawn. Artificial grass is much easier, and it doesn't require watering, which is great news for those in drought-prone areas. It makes sense to save water where and when you can. Besides the water saving benefit, artificial lawns also save you time and energy. They are virtually maintenance free.

Let us help you turn your backyard into added living space. We can work with you to make the area a space that you and your family want to spend time in. If you look at your neighbor’s yard with envy, give us a call. We will transform your backyard into a space that is better than you've ever imagined.