Water Slide

You don't always have to leave your home to have a ton of fun when the weather is hot. Here at Creating Ideas Construction & Landscape, we can give your backyard a luxury resort feel. We've been happily serving our customers in Brea, CA, Tustin, La Jolla, and other local areas for years. We work closely with our clients in order to help them achieve the vision that they have for their yard.

One of our most popular requests is a swimming pool with a gorgeous deck that is perfect for sunbathing. When you have a pool in the yard, there is always something to do when the weather is hot. A water slide completes the fun in the sun theme.

We can do more than just install the pool and water slide, we can landscape the area with native plants that thrive in the area. We can install a fire pit for when things cool down. Imagine sitting back there with friends, chatting late into the night. We believe that you should enjoy your outdoor space just as much as you enjoy your indoor space. Take advantage of your entire property. Have dinner on the patio, and watch the sunset. If your patio is too sunny, let us know, and we can install a patio cover that will keep the space cool and comfortable.

Do you have children who need a play area? Discuss this with us, we can make it happen. You can have an area to meet the needs of every family member. It just takes a bit of planning, and our expert construction and landscaping team. We can turn your yard into the backyard oasis you've always wanted, you just have to take the first step and give us a call; we're ready to get started.